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Tahiti Waves – The Information Age

Jul 25th, 2009 by Glendale Pastor | 0


Photo by John Jackson   ©

The Information Age can overwhelm us like the giant Tahiti wave pictured above.   This wave was generated over 4,000 miles away in Tahiti before it slammed into the rocks of Point Mugu, California.  In our world today information travels across the globe and crashes right on us! 

Our pride leads us to think that we can handle all this information and believe we can make sense our of it.  Yet, sadly, this is not the case.  Just look back a few months ago when the markets were in free fall.  People hourly took in formation about their investments and many panicked losing a good portion of their life savings.   This happens because our brains were not built for a constant stream of “bad” news, it depresses us, we lose hope and perspective.   Perhaps that is why the Story of Jesus Christ is called “Good News” in the Bible? (smile)

“If you can keep your head while all about you are losings theirs….” is a wonderful line from a poem and it perfectly illustrates the solution to our information age.   Knowledge/Wisdom comes from being able to be patient with the information we have been given and to carefully reflect, consider, test, and pray about an action.

Instead of allowing our selves to be inundated with the chaos of information we would be off taking in filtered information.  Weekly or Monthly periodicals are better reflections of what is happening in our world then 24 hour instant news.  Yes, it does require that you be patient for a week or month to find out what is relaly happening.   However, quality cannot be rushed, but by waiting you free yourself from the tyranny of being “wired.”

Poetry, well written books, and philosophy are all examples of information that builds us up and not tears us down.  My favorite way on reflective on the world comes from an ancient source that is as relevant today and when it was written centuries ago – the Psalms.  When I am troubled by the “news” I am hearing and my brain instant jumps to “worse case scenarios” or “conspiracy theories” I open my Bible up in the middle and start reading the Psalms.  Sometimes I even smile realizing how little humanity has changed.


Pastor John

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