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Nov 8th, 2018 by Pastor Robert | 0

When disruption interferes in your life, where do you turn? Who do you blame? How do you make sense of your situation? What is your response?

This week our church will consider one story of disruption found in Genesis 11:1-9, The Tower of Babel account. This story illuminates our fallen human nature, but also points to a God who will not abandon His people. As Christians, we serve a merciful and gracious God. Even when we forget what it means to be faithful, God is there to gently remind us, and through the power of the Holy Spirit, deliver us from ourselves.

The builders at the Tower of Babel built walls to glorify themselves, they built walls for power and protection. And aren’t we like them sometimes? Don’t we also put up walls so that others only see the beautiful edifice we want to display? God sees our minds, He knows the desires of our hearts. Like the builders at the Tower of Babel, God will find a way to redeem and renew us to be a witness to Jesus to all those we meet, we will also be sent out! 

Disruption may be uncomfortable. Disruption may be scary or even immobilizing. But we are not alone as we go. God walks beside us, blessing us in our going out, rejuvenating us as we keep in step with the Spirit.

Interim Pastor, Annali Topf 

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