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Jan 11th, 2017 by Randy Short | Comments Off on Welcome!

Glendale Church of the Brethren

Continuing the work of Jesus – Peacefully, Simply, and Together

In recent years this small but dedicated congregation had fallen on difficult times. However, through the faith of the people, the support of the Pacific Southwest District, and God’s Spirit a rebirth was taking place.  Led by Pastor John Jackson the congregation began to grow in numbers, commitment and in spirit. As Pastor John was preparing for worship on Sunday, November 8, 2015, John suffered a heart attack and God called him home.  But John’s love for people didn’t die that day and this small group of people, trying to be Jesus’ disciples, carries on his legacy of loving one another and all with whom they come in contact with.

Our congregation worships in a wonderful sanctuary that represents the best of the “1960s” architecture with a soaring ceiling that brings in wonderful natural light that floods the sanctuary. However this worship space feels wonderfully intimate. The sanctuary is being restored to its former glory, but more importantly the people are being renewed and strengthened in their faith

We are looking for visionary, progressive individuals who wish to be on the “ground floor” of this congregational restart. The opportunities for serving Christ at Glendale are boundless. If you have been searching for a wonderful Christian community where you can serve Christ and find your own unique ministry – then you have found your home. Welcome!