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Sunday, January 29

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At the Glendale Church of the Brethren we are very fortunate to have an extremely talented young musician join us on the second and fifth Sundays of the month.  His name is Ryan Macilak and not only is he a talented vocalist and pianist, but he is also a gifted song writer, recently having had his first song published.  On Sunday morning Ryan will be at our church at 9:45 to rehearse the songs and hymns that will be used in our 10:45 worship service, anyone who enjoys singing is invited to join Ryan at that time.  Stop by our fellowship hall beforehand (anytime after 9:00) and enjoy some breakfast and fellowship as well.

Also at that time we will continue our study of the Gospel of Matthew in the Fireside Room.  At 10:45 our worship service begins in the sanctuary.  Pastor Mike will begin a preaching series on the stories that Jesus told.

For more information contact the church at or 626-590-4186


January 22 Schedule

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Breakfast will be served in our fellowship hall beginning around 9:00.  Our worship service will begin at 10:45 with a focus on the Church of the Brethren value on peace.  Glendale members Jim and Karen LeFever will share the morning message.

What Kind of Church Shall We Be?

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What kind of church shall we be?

A Facebook post got me to thinking about this question.  Alan Hirsch, a leader in the Missional Church movement, asked “If the church is not being formed around the person and teachings of Jesus, what other forces are shaping it?”

There were a lot of responses, mostly of the cynical nature deriding churches for following worldly pursuits like individualism, nationalism, entertainment, politics and greed.  But a couple of people tried to offer what they believed to be legitimate answers to Hirsch’s question, such as the teachings of the Apostle Paul or that the conditions of the society (especially locally).

As someone who grew up, was baptized and ordained in the Church of the Brethren I have to first say that I believe the answer should be “nothing”.  However, the real answer might be: “perceptions about Jesus”.  I guess what I’m trying to say is that too many people have ideas about the teachings and person of Jesus that are derived from something other than the whole life and entirety of the teachings of Jesus.   As a result we have churches proclaiming a gospel of prosperity, a gospel of sin management, a gospel of exceptionalism, a feel good gospel and probably several others that I can’t think of.

So, what kind of church shall we be?

This week (January 15) I’ll begin a preaching series asking that question and I welcome input and questions as I proceed.  Please join us!

Sunday, January 15 Schedule

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The following is the schedule for this coming Sunday, January 15:

9:00 – Breakfast – Everyone is invited to join in a time of food and fellowship as our own Chef Scott prepares a delicious  breakfast.

9:45 – Bible Study in the Fireside Room – We are presently studying the Gospel of Matthew and will be looking at the story of Jesus facing temptations in the wilderness following his baptism.

10:45 – Worship – This week’s theme is “What Kind of Church Shall we Be?”  Our scripture for the morning is Matthew 3:1-17 and we will be comparing the ways of John the Baptist and the way of Jesus.

Glendale Church of the Brethren is a loving community committed to continuing the work of Jesus, Peacefully, Simply and Together.  Please join us.



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Glendale Church of the Brethren

Continuing the work of Jesus – Peacefully, Simply, and Together

In recent years this small but dedicated congregation had fallen on difficult times. However, through the faith of the people, the support of the Pacific Southwest District, and God’s Spirit a rebirth was taking place.  Led by Pastor John Jackson the congregation began to grow in numbers, commitment and in spirit. As Pastor John was preparing for worship on Sunday, November 8, 2015, John suffered a heart attack and God called him home.  But John’s love for people didn’t die that day and this small group of people, trying to be Jesus’ disciples, carries on his legacy of loving one another and all with whom they come in contact with.

Our congregation worships in a wonderful sanctuary that represents the best of the “1960s” architecture with a soaring ceiling that brings in wonderful natural light that floods the sanctuary. However this worship space feels wonderfully intimate. The sanctuary is being restored to its former glory, but more importantly the people are being renewed and strengthened in their faith

We are looking for visionary, progressive individuals who wish to be on the “ground floor” of this congregational restart. The opportunities for serving Christ at Glendale are boundless. If you have been searching for a wonderful Christian community where you can serve Christ and find your own unique ministry – then you have found your home. Welcome!