What to expect on a Sunday morning?

Hi, my name is Robert Aguirre – pastor at Glendale Church of the Brethren. What can you expect when you visit us on a typical Sunday morning? Well, for one, we are small but we love each other and we are a close-knit group; and we enjoy seeing each other – uplifting each other – as we connect with God on a Sunday morning.

When you walk into our doors for the first time, I think you’re going to be impressed by our sanctuary. It’s a beautiful space – great for hosting worship, special events, and our musicians certainly love the acoustics as well. And speaking of musicians, our style is considered traditional. Most of our songs are sung out of the Brethren Hymnal. But every now-and-then we sing a song that’s a modernized hymn or contemporary Christian song as well.

Our service starts at 10:45 AM and runs for about one hour. And afterwards we continue to talk, fellowship, and most of the time we are going to have lunch together or refreshments at our fellowship hall and our patio tables right outside. Our address is 626 N. Pacific Ave, Glendale, California 91203. We love seeing new faces and visitors, and we hope you consider stopping by; thank you.