Who are the Church of the Brethren?

Who are the Church of the Brethren? What’s Brethren? Are you all a Christian church? These are some of the questions we get from time to time. So yes, we are a Christian church. We are a Christian denomination like so many others. We have a founder; we have history; and we have different things that we believe and emphasize.

For starters, obviously, we believe in Jesus. We believe in Christ as a Christian church. We believe that God sent Jesus into the world and through Him we have salvation.

And so on a typical Sunday morning, we’re going to be preaching and talking about Jesus, looking at stories centered around Jesus, and learning from His example. In fact, our slogan is “continuing the work of Jesus peacefully, simply, and together”. What does that mean? That means we emphasize: peace and non-retaliation, simplicity and contentment, and fellowship and community. We believe in living out our faith together.

So hope that answers some of your questions, and if you want to know more, you’re certainly welcome to go to www.brethren.org to look at our beliefs and history. Thank you.